As the end of 2011 was approaching, I was thinking of stuff (as many people perhaps did) and of course the question of new year's resolution made its way into my head. I am not one who ever did that. I don't understand the need for it - If you wanna do something, just do it. However as the days were ending, a thought came that I should list all the nice things that happened in each of my days in 2012. It first came to me that I should tweet it everyday or put it in my Facebook status - show a little positivity to the world. Then I realized, I might be in places where I'll have no internet access. So I bought a thin cute book to list everything and I decided I would blog it at the end of each month. That somewhat became my new year's resolution. As not interesting as it may sound, I thought it would be a good practice to dig deep into my shitty days (which I am sure will exist) and see something, anything, at least one thing nice that happened that day. So if these entries are boring, I'm sorry (I'm sorry too if I'm tardy in posting). For some people, they may put things like got married, saw my baby for the first time, got proposed, etc. If it's me, perhaps the nicest thing was a chocolate bar, but then perhaps you can sense how sucky my day was that a chocolate bar was the nicest thing that happened to me :) Some days the nicest things will send me grinning from the inside, some days they will just stop me from crying, but those are my life in 2012, I suppose :)
PS: I did use this blog to talk about stuff long ago. I decided not to delete the entries. To read a more sobering view of my life, you can go here.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Curse Word in Another Language

Okay gonna use this blog for little thoughts which are too long for twitter. Hmm, wonder if this will cannibalize my lengthier blog.

Was listening to an Italian Radio and Cee Loo's Fuck You was on in all it's glory / uncensored. For those who do not know, the PG version is Forget You. Anyways, so I wondered if a curse word in another language can just be shown in countries whose native language is not the same language. I personally remembered watching something in an indo tv years ago when the Fuck utterance wasn't censored.

In another listening experience, was watching Cake Boss yesterday and Buddy / The Cake Boss said "minchia" which was an Italian curse word and it wasn't censored. Not sure if it will be censored in an Italian TV but I just felt tickled that you can curse as bad as you want in another language and it will be okay to be shown :P

Vieux Port

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

December 2012

I did it, 366 entries. Well 365 since I missed 1 day which I couldn't pinpoint when. I'm not gonna do this again, since it's hard. It hasn't been a nice year for me mentally and to get stump thinking what on earth the best thing about my day was just made me feel sadder. Often time I really just couldn't find anything. So here you go, the last month:

The nicest thing today was ...

336) 01/12/2012 - being able to wake up late.

337) 02/12/2012 - the fact that it's Sunday.

338) 03/12/2012 - surviving today.

339) 04/12/2012 - when Jenny 2.0 took time to chat with me. I lost Max but God gave me her. I still miss Max though.

340) 05/12/2012 - Ben L'Oncle Soul. I love him, he's great :)

341) 06/12/2012 - the fried egg for dinner. I just love egg.

342) 07/12/2012 - Friday without ***** and many people. I felt rather relaxed but the feeling when it was all over was still much better.
* censored for this blog.

343) 08/12/2012 - the fact that it's Saturday.

344) 09/12/2012 - Downton Abbey: Behind the Drama. It reminded me why I fell for Matthew Crawley in season 1.

345) 10/12/2012 - when today was over.

346) 11/12/2012 - dinner with Joy and Marc. It was nice spending time with them and it's good that I went even though I was feeling rather moody and depressed the whole day. I almost didn't want to go.

347) 12/12/2012 - when there weren't many people during lunch.

348) 13/12/2012 - Honey Boo Boo and her family. Oh Lord, I'm sorry, I'm hooked to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

349) 14/12/2012 - friday evening tv. Though Glee was dreadfully awful for this year's christmas episode :( what a disappointment for such a high expectation of Glee Actually.

350) 15/12/2012 - the fact that it's Saturday.

351) 16/12/2012 - Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Every time I watch it, I'll go Lordy Lordy Lord and then I'll laugh. They got me laughing and that's important.

352) 17/12/2012 - finding out that I passed DELF B2. The score is 78. I secretly hoped I'd reach 80 so 2 points shy is rather disappointing but I did so much better than I expected so THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR GOD! :)

353) 18/12/2012 - Barney's proposal in How I Met Your Mother. Darn, that is sweet and how I love Barney and Robin together.

354) 19/12/2012 - being in my room.

355) 20/12/2012 - when the guy who prepared my dinner said I love you when I was paying. I know it's cheeky and he's joking but I wonder if he did it because he saw me being so sad. At least he managed to get me say, ha ha!

356) 21/12/2012 - when today is over and I just lock myself in my room.

357) 22/12/2012 - the JERSEY BOYS. They made me smile.

358) 23/12/2012 - Jenny 2.0 making me brunch and dinner.

359) 24/12/2012 - the fact that I didn't feel burdened much today. I was doing not so bad.

360) 25/12/2012 - flu medicine that worked.

361) 26/12/2012 - the quiet moments watching All-American Muslim.

362) 27/12/2012 - Cake Boss, my new TLC addiction.

363) 28/12/2012 - the big bright full moon. It's like God put a light bulb in the sky.

364) 29/12/2012 - the fact that the Golden Rooster is back in business in the newly renovated food court.

365) 30/12/2012 - having an actual real laugh from my heart when I saw my cousin posed her daughter's legs funnily while the girl was sleeping in her stroller. Her legs were getting away the stroller moving.

366) 31/12/2012 - the rain and the grey sky.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

November 2012

The nicest thing today was ...

306) 01/11/2012 - coding things that actually work. I actually find myself missing doing this.

307) 02/11/2012 - french class.

308) 03/11/2012 - The Perks of a Wallflower, Modern Family's latest episode (The Yard Sale).

309) 04/11/2012 - talking to my brother.

310) 05/11/2012 - The Walking Dead eventhough it shocked me, made me scream and curse, and broke my heart.

311) 06/11/2012 - Opera Van Java. I actually thought there were parts where Azis was funny :D

312) 07/11/2012 - being safe and sound in my room. I'm thankful for being able to feel that way in this new room.

313) 08/11/2012 - when someone not around and that fact just made me so much calmer and happier and not so tense.

314) 09/11/2012 - my cool room --> I think I mean that literally.

315) 10/11/2012 - the autumn display in the flower dome in Gardens by the Bay, McDonalds' ice cream cone, and Jenny 2.0.

316) 11/11/2012 - Glee. So glad to see Mercedes and Mike Chang and the new boy, he's handsome :)

317) 12/11/2012 - Daryl from The Walking Dead. I love him.

318) 13/11/2012 - being in my room all on my own.

319) 14/11/2012 - Jenny 2.0 giving me apple, again.

320) 15/11/2012 - being in my room.

321) 16/11/2012 - my nice french teachers. I'm afraid I will disappoint them :(

322) 17/11/2012 - Glease :P I love the new boy :P and also Argo.

323) 18/11/2012 - Downton Abbey. I'm gonna miss them when this season ends with the christmas special :(

324) 19/11/2012 - french movie, Intouchables. I love it but darn I didn't understand many of it without the subtitle.

325) 20/11/2012 - when I woke up in the morning feeling okay despite of the vertigo attack the night before.

326) 21/11/2012 - Jenny 2.0 giving me salmon for dinner.

327) 22/11/2012 - being in my room.

328) 23/11/2012 - Glee. I hope Marley chooses Ryder. I love him.

329) 24/11/2012 - the fact that it's Saturday.

330) 25/11/2012 - Sunday rain.

331) 26/11/2012 - mom texting me in the middle of the day, so out of the blue, telling me I can let go --> I rephrase this for this blog.

332) 27/11/2012 - Jaymes and James in The Amazing Race. I love the blonde one, I think it's Jaymes.

333) 28/11/2012 - surviving today and laughing wholeheartedly.

334) 29/11/2012 - completing DELF. Thank You God for bringing me in this place safe and sound. Let it be alright God. Please don't let it be disastrous.

335) 30/11/2012 - when the day was done and it's Friday without any burden or homework or task and how I love Glee's Ryder.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

October 2012

The nicest thing today was ...

275) 01/10/2012 - surviving today.

276) 02/10/2012 - when this Javanese girl, Fitri, came up to me and asked me if I was Indonesian. She's so sweet, she cannot help not calling me "mbak" :P

277) 03/10/2012 - having a short day.

278) 04/10/2012 - that today is not super awful. It's not awesome. Still not a happy day but it wasn't super awful.

279) 05/10/2012 - having a break through with the beef ball noodle uncle that he understood what I wanted.

280) 06/10/2012 - my mom and cousin, Yen Lisa.

281) 07/10/2012 - MasterChef Indonesia.

282) 08/10/2012 - Amazing Race featuring Indonesia.

283) 09/10/2012 - air-con.

284) 10/10/2012 - words from mom.

285) 11/10/2012 - finishing today.

286) 12/10/2012 - when the french class was small. It's nice comme ça.

287) 13/10/2012 - Looper. It was pretty good.

288) 14/10/2012 - getting some laughter from clips of Opera Van Java with Desta in it.

289) 15/10/2012 - when my mom offered me money to make me feel better.

290) 16/10/2012 - surviving today.

291) 17/10/2012 - the nice lunch. It was free and I don't think I deserved it.

292) 18/10/2012 - waking up this morning feeling good about the dreamless sleep that I had.

293) 19/10/2012 - when Janet, le professeur de français, m'a dit que I did pretty good / okay for my orale run-through.

294) 20/10/2012 - Italy: Love It or Leave It.

295) 21/10/2012 - a bar of chocolate.

296) 22/10/2012 - being entertained by The Walking Dead. Who knew I would actually miss those zombies and it's so good to see Daryl again :)

297) 23/10/2012 - seeing Desta in Opera Van Java and having them getting a laugh out of me.

298) 24/10/2012 - the feeling of acceptance and not total depression that I had when I visited my new room and meeting my new landlady who seems sincerely nice.

299) 25/10/2012 - when today ended.

300) 26/10/2012 - when one of the things that scared me a lot these past few weeks didn't turn out to be so bad.

301) 27/10/2012 - things went pretty great, so much better than I expected it would be. I thank God for this. Thank you God.

302) 28/10/2012 - McDonalds' meal. The cheese powder for the fries was pretty good.

303) 29/10/2012 - when Jenny 2.0 gave me dried fruits. It's very nice of her and surprisingly I kinda like it.

304) 30/10/2012 - Amazing Race.

305) 31/10/2012 - getting surprisingly an adequate lunch at a pretty cheap price.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 2012

The nicest thing today was ...

245) 01/09/2012 - the medicine from the doctor seems to be working.

246) 02/09/2012 - being better after I had a bout of really bad (I think) low blood pressure that made me feel like I'm gonna fall and faint if I stand too long.

247) 03/09/2012 - having a conversation which answered my many questions and kinda put me at ease ever so slightly and also the chinese girl in Shihlin who laughed when she saw me and got her colleagues to prepare my order correctly without me having to give any instructions.

248) 04/09/2012 - seeing glimpses of Desta in Opera Van Java (it's finally back to live with a better stage it seems). He still cannot sing :D

249) 05/09/2012 - I completed crocheting my first granny square. It's small with 4 rounds. Not perfect. Still not getting the color changing part neatly.

250) 06/09/2012 - having Max around and to be having little conversation with him.

251) 07/09/2012 - how perfect my bed was this morning.

252) 08/09/2012 - rain.

253) ... I think this is the day I forgot to write. It bound to happen.

254) 10/09/2012 - the nice clean feeling I have after my evening shower.

255) 11/09/2012 - when Dewi talked to me in MSN. I didn't feel so alone then.

256) 12/09/2012 - being safe and sound in my room.

257) 13/09/2012 - being in my room.

258) 14/09/2012 - having and meeting my french classmates in class. Glad to have them around.

259) 15/09/2012 - Glee. It managed to make me smile, but I also shed a tear or 2 because I was really feeling Rachel Berry.

260) 16/09/2012 - a bar of KitKat.

261) 17/09/2012 - finishing today early.

262) 18/09/2012 - when Max seemed to be really excited to talk to me and have discussion on stuff.

263) 19/09/2012 - getting a bit of laugh from Opera Van Java. I miss Desta. They have a new set and all but they seem to be less funnier ... is it just me?

264) 20/09/2012 - when the Jakartans (well most of them) decided that Jokowi and Ahok would be the next leaders for Jakarta :) Thank you guys for being open and acceptant :)

265) 21/09/2012 - the french teacher, Mr. V, told me that I was fast / sharp in discovering the color code in our black and white photocopies.

266) 22/09/2012 - listening to Diana Krall.

267) 23/09/2012 - the fact that I'm alive.

268) 24/09/2012 - Downton Abbey.

269) 25/09/2012 - unexpectedly getting a text from my brother.

270) 26/09/2012 - the chance to get away from nothingness and being able to talk to someone.

271) 27/09/2012 - realizing I can still give a genuine smile inspite of me still feeling pretty much depressed.

272) 28/09/2012 - when I waited some time for a lift to get me down. When it arrived, there was this westerner inside. I was kinda liking his hair color which I thought would be described as sandy brown (I could be so wrong). Anyway, when the lift arrived at the first floor and the door opened, he said "after you" to me. My heart smiled a bit :P Also I like how at ease I was and perhaps happy being among my french classmates gank.

273) 29/09/2012 - how wonderful the bed felt like this morning.

274) 30/09/2012 - MasterChef Indonesia. It was very cheeky of Chef Kenny and the producers to hide the fact that he can speak Indonesian :P

Sunday, September 02, 2012

August 2012

The nicest thing today was ...

214) 01/08/2012 - talking to mom.

215) 02/08/2012 - the fact that this last day ended up pretty okay despite of my nerves.

216) 03/08/2012 - that today is my break day. I got to play tourist and it was a long day. I watched Moonrise Kingdom, went to pray, visited the Harry Potter and Andy Warhol Exhibition and ended the day at Gardens By the Bay.

217) 04/08/2012 - being all by myself in my room.

218) 05/08/2012 - MasterChef Indonesia.

219) 06/08/2012 - talking to mom.

220) 07/08/2012 - finding a link to Downton Abbey that works and truly enjoying it.

221) 08/08/2012 - being safe and sound in my room going through episodes of Downton Abbey.

222) 09/08/2012 - Edward Norton and Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy.

223) 10/08/2012 - getting to finish today earlier even though only by half an hour.

224) 11/08/2012 - the fact that today is a Saturday.

225) 12/08/2012 - MasterChef Indonesia.

226) 13/08/2012 - Downton Abbey. I really love it a lot.

227) 14/08/2012 - when Gascoigne said "hi" to me and asked me why I was sad.

228) 15/08/2012 - finishing today.

229) 16/08/2012 - a small block of chocolate. I shouldn't have but I think I really need it.

230) 17/08/2012 - being back in my room, all showered and smelling nice after a long day.

231) 18/08/2012 - Mark and Spencer's chocolate chip cookie. There's something about their chocolate. It's just so nice.

232) 19/08/2012 - Mark and Spencer's chocolate muffin.

232) 20/08/2012 - a nice omelette.

234) 21/08/2012 - Downton Abbey, especially Sybill and Branson. They made me smile.

235) 22/08/2012 - when Max excitedly told me about his new job. It's been awhile since he trusted me with something.

236) 23/08/2012 - finishing today.

237) 24/08/2012 - Le Petit Nicholas. It makes me smile :)

238) 25/08/2012 - being able to wake up late on this Saturday.

239) 26/08/2012 - a bar of chocolate and Downton Abbey.

240) 27/08/2012 - mom's text which was full of concerns.

241) 28/08/2012 - getting a text from Dagi who happens to be in town. Too bad we can't meet.

242) 29/08/2012 - Downton Abbey Christmas special. Too bad Sybill and Branson weren't there.

243) 30/08/2012 - a bar of chocolate. I need to get more.

244) 31/08/2012 - surviving today despite of something being wrong with my body and it seems to be getting worse.

Friday, August 03, 2012

July 2012

The nicest thing today was ...

183) 01/07/2012 - McDonalds' ice cream cone :)

184) 02/07/2012 - talking to mom. She's so funny when she told me that she and dad were watching a kiddy movie with a monkey in it in Global TV.

185) 03/07/2012 - Opera Van Java and I cannot lie that I was so happy to see Desta. Man! They really made me laugh.

186) 04/07/2012 - receiving a text from mom asking how things go.

187) 05/07/2012 - how my bed was in the perfect temperature this morning.

188) 06/07/2012 - finishing today. Thank God :)

189) 07/07/2012 - french class.

190) 08/07/2012 - Chef Juna from MasterChef Indonesia. He's freaking hot!!! It's unbelievable that I only know he exists now.

191) 09/07/2012 - the caleidoscope in Singapore Garden Festival. It made me grin. It was awesome.

192) 10/07/2012 - Oshie swinging in for lunch.

193) 11/07/2012 - when the auntie at lunch charged me less because she was nice to me.

194) 12/07/2012 - talking to mom.

195) 13/07/2012 - dinner with the people who kinda know me. It was really nice meeting them.

196) 14/07/2012 - french class.

197) 15/07/2012 - MasterChef Indonesia though Chef Juna was not in today.

198) 16/07/2012 - surviving today.

199) 17/07/2012 - the friendly auntie that sold me gado-gado today. Yeah, I'm gonna miss them a bit when I leave.

200) 18/07/2012 - surviving today.

201) 19/07/2012 - seeing Desta in Opera Van Java. I miss him :P It's been awhile since he last appeared. It's not live today which normally I find to be not as lively as the live show, but at least Desta was there :P

202) 20/07/2012 - that today is Friday.

203) 21/07/2012 - my short nap. Max on the phone being noisy woke me up.

204) 22/07/2012 - nasi kuning set *love*

205) 23/07/2012 - that it turned out to be a fine Monday :)

206) 24/07/2012 - getting a lot of laugh from clips of MasterChef Indonesia season 1. There was this contestant, Mas Sarwan, who was very funny and humble and embodied such a really good person character :P

207) 25/07/2012 - unexpected offer from someone. It proves that I don't suck. Thank you God.
* this is not the exact sentence that I wrote.

208) 26/07/2012 - finding out that I'll get some money tomorrow :P

209) 27/07/2012 - finishing today.

210) 28/07/2012 - MasterChef Indonesia.

211) 29/07/2012 - meeting my brother.

212) 30/07/2012 - surviving today.

213) 31/07/2012 - being able to sit in my morning train ride.